TMT problems in Linux Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I'm actually using Kororaa 16 (K16), which is based on Fedora 16 (FC16), and added the TooManyTabs extension to Firefox, but there're a number of problems with TMT. This is with Firefox (Ffx) 10.0.1, which TMT supports, or which supports TMT (whichever), including in or with Linux.

1) Creating TMT rows :

I can create TMT subfolders or rows (being called rows in TMT but are subfolders in the Firefox bookmarks manager), but this has to be done by opening the bookmarks manager, going to the TMT subfolder that's in the main unclassified bookmarks folder, and then creating the TMT subfolders myself using the right-click menu. When doing it in Windows XP I can just click on the TMT down-arrow and subfolder list (the TMT menu, I guess it's called) on the left-hand-side of the Ffx browser, open the TMT Options, go to the Rows tab and add (delete or modify the names of) subfolders/rows. To place newly created rows where I want them, then I have to go through the Firefox bookmarks manager whether thiss done in XP or K16, but can perform the other operations using the TMT Options popup in XP.

2) Rows don't show up in TMT Options :

Going to the Rows tab in the TMT options popup window (or whatever it's called) shows all of the names of the rows in WinXP, but shows absolutely nothing in K16, so surely also shows nothing in FC16. In KC16 I can see and select the rows using the TMT menu in the Firefox browser, but see nothing for rows in the TMT Options popup tool.

3) Saving TMT rows to file :

I'm unable to save TMT rows to file using the Advanced tab of the TMT Options popup ... in K16, while this works in XP.

4) Clicking on the bug reporting button fails in TMT Options :

In the Advanced tab of TMT Options, where we can save and load TMT rows to and from a file, there's a third button for using to report bugs and this button is supposed to copy the profile data or information to the clipboard, but the clipboard in K16 is Klipper and nothing from gets written to it by clicking on this TMT Options button.

Rating :

I selected 4 of 5 stars due to only beginning to use TMT with Ffx in Linux, as of very recently; while having used TMT for some years with Ffx in WinXP.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thanks for the report. For create TMT rows, you may right click a tab and "Send this tab to TMT" and choose "Send to new row". Hope it helps.