Brilliant, some suggestions Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Seems to be lightweight, which I love, and does exactly what it says. Looks good without the white border but with the shadow (you have an option to remove border, which is great).

I appreciate the fact that you actually included hover tooltips to explain the "Pop-up takes keyboard focus" setting, but I wonder if you could do the same for "Scrolling triggers pop-up", though I do have an idea what it does.

Nice fact that you can enable/disable it for certain sites.

EDIT: Also, I was wondering whether you could add a screenshot on the add-on page of the fact that you can right-click on the link for an image and then press "Save Enlarged Image As..." in the context menu. I was not aware of this option (did not bother reading your notes, lol) until I happened to perform the right-click action. It would just improve awareness of this option to potential users.

EDIT 2: Also, in the future, would it be possible for you to add an option to position the image pop up anywhere you wish on the screen? For example, if I wanted the image to be positioned in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen at all times. Thanks.

Edit 3: Last edit, I swear! Can you include an option to remove the context menu option, since it is annoying when the context menu expands/shrinks all the time when you right click on an image. Thanks.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Great suggestions, thanks!

I'll add a tooltip. You can also see a full description of the preferences in our Preferences help page

I'll add a "Save Enlarged Image As..." screen shot.

Version 2.0.0beta3 fixes the expanding/shrinking menu problem by greying out instead of hiding the menu item when it's not available; it also keeps the menu item available for the last-hovered image, even when the image is no longer displayed.

If you still want to remove the "Save enlarged image as..." menu item, you can do that using the "Menu Editor" add-on for Firefox.