We need the ability to switch tabs Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I really like the idea here. However, when I tried TF the tab bar vanished making it impossible to switch tabs. Although it is nice to be able to watch a video while doing something ELSE it would be much more helpful if we could start a video in one tab and switch to other tabs with a video going too. That capability would bring it up to 5 full stars.

Also, I would have written first but there is no contact information listed. Anyways, good luck and happy holidays.

Thanks for taking the time to write a review

I do agree. I actually spent quite some time working on a version which opened the existing tab out to another window, partly for the reason you mention and also so the user could choose to have the window stay on top of others. Currently the window is just resized and all tabs etc. are hidden.

However this change made a surprisingly big difference to the complexity of the code. Then I found out that the 'always on top' function wouldn't work on Mac or Linux, so I rolled back to the current behaviour to keep things simple. I'd assumed that after the first use the user would see that it's best to open a new window for videos/TellyFit and surf in another (as that's what I do myself).

I've wondered if it would bother people and have been waiting for feedback to help me decide if it's worth the effort to change or if it's a non-issue. I rely on this site for feedback and yours is the first to mention the issue (and I appreciate it), I'll wait until I've heard more but if it seems that this would make a difference I will be happy to change it in a future version. So if anybody else is reading this and has an opinion please let me know.

Thanks Apollo! and happy holidays to you too.