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RE: Has Potential (Task Information Collections Review)

Starting-off I found this add-on because I was looking "Add-ons" associated with Project Management to essentially convert SeaMonkey into a collaboration platform in competition against Universal Village Collaboration Suite < http://www.universalvillage.net >. To-date there are few Add-ons making Thunderbird or FFDE into a full collaboration suite with an exception that, FF/FFDE doesn't do e-mail, but SeaMonkey does. Thunderbird with a few Add-ons is the next best thing to a collaboration suite. I make this point because TIC should be an Add-on for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird and not FF/ FFDE.

Here, I used TIC for a short bit on more than one occasion to determine its usefulness to GTD an PM. I haven't found TIC to make GTD or PM easier, but it does provide a wider view of tasks. The greatest problem which in-itself as a task manager is the absence of calendar integration such as Reminderfox or Lightning. There's no such thing as GTD or PM having no calendar integration.

Another issue was I couldn't create a Task group, a necessary capability for task management, GTD and PM. I seen the "input" and "output" thinking it would create a workflow, but the settings didn't do anything. Beyond absence of Task grouping, I couldn't share the Tasks nor save / export the information. I was going to test saving the information to a cloud drive and determine what the effects would be if it was imported by another person (and that couldn't happen.)

It isn't the first time someone tried to place tasks into a circular reference. The problem becomes much more involved and now understandably outside the scope the TIC project build because neither the circular reference nor vertical timeline will accommodate large scale projects at the minimum.

It's a great effort from the start, still needs work. So basically we have a large digital whiteboard with scattered Pigeon notes. Without the ability to assign or share tasks nor projects, it becomes just a to-do list.

Some advice

_ XML / XHTML is great for creating references. In this effort, it's best to create TIC files for import and export that, include project information including URL references to shared or open cloud files.

_ The circular reference is good compared to Kanban cards, but won't beat a good-ole extensible Gantt chart. Understand that these are just views in which to display the same metadata and the same metadata must be available for import and export to .ics or .ical calendars. The reason why GTD and PM are wrapped around calendars is so the information and fields become standardized for each project separately or from project-to-project.

_ It's imperative that nesting tasks exists and each could have it's own start and finish date. A task or task group under one project can also link to another project. In fact, projects too can be nested. These become Stories and Epics. Again, keep in mind that (i) it's managing information, people, projects and resources; (ii) data must be cleanly displayed and ready for reporting at anytime.

_ Review different GTD and PM platforms to expand on TIC like the Gantt add-on for Thunderbird Lighting. PM is a critical science not to be taken lightly; so if one should, then he / she and the work therefrom is taken "lightly."

What's the level of desperation: Should TIC be known as a gimmick or should TIC be taken seriously.

Good luck and hope for the best.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Really cool! I love it!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Just downloaded this a day ago - my productivity has soared - it is the easiest productivity tool out there - I love it!! Thanks guys!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (v20130210.1-signed.1-signed).