Uninstalling! Won't block google the worst tracker ever! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

This is a corporate front for Google. It just blocks other trackers, NOT GOOGLE and they are the worst for privacy of all- well, except maybe Apple Computer.
Insist that Albine make Google opt out stick or we will boycott this APP, because it is obvious a lie!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.49). 

Opt-out cookies vs. blocking tracking

Hey there-

I assure you this is not a corporate front for Google :) In fact, TACO blocks Google's trackers, including Google Adsense, Google Analytics, the Google+ button, and Doubleclick (which is owned by Google). What this add-on doesn't do, however, is stop Google from recording active interactions you have with their services, like search or Gmail. If you're choosing to use these things, you're choosing to be tracked. We block Google's trackers that passively follow you around on non-Google websites, but there's nothing we--or any other privacy app--can do about Google *on their own products and services.*

Blocking is different--and stronger--than opting-out. Opt-out cookies merely request that an advertiser not track you. Blocking prevents tracking requests at the code level from ever happening. We block Google, which is better than simply setting an opt-out cookie. Google has chosen not to be on the list of advertisers that distribute opt-out cookies, but for our users' purposes, that doesn't matter: we block them anyway.

Hopefully this convinces you that we aren't allied with Google. Also, there's no "L" in our name. It's just "Abine."