VERY useful add-on, THANK YOU Rated 5 out of 5 stars

It doesn't do "a lot" but does right what it needs to do.
Well, my only "anoyance" is when the web presents something "as if it were a table" and the right-click doesn't show TT2
But ... those times I asked the "view source", I noticed these tables weren't coded as "table" but as a bunch of <div> html.
Maybe that is modern html for tables, but it would not sort or filter.
On "java blocks" it seems to ... well, they are blocks, aren't they? As in blocking.
i guess TableTools isn't meant to do that kind of extras.
Maybe I 'll learn to use the "being not there" of TT2 in the context menu as a sign that I'm looking at an "advanced page".
But it is VERY nice on real table stuff, and there is still plenty of that on the web.
Thank you for a GOOD tool

Thanks for your review! Yes, TT2 icon only shows up for real tables, not those arbitrary/fake tables made by <div>. Those tables are not easy to reliably analyze and operate on, so TT2 does not try to do that. Sometimes some web designers mix <div> with real HTML table and if they don't do it right and fail to retain proper HTML table structure, it could mess up TT2's operations too. It's unfortunately beyond TT2's control and scope.