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D/L today the latest version of TT 1.6.
Awesome !!!

1 Quick Question:
Following your video tutorial,
I tried this Search:
(with a minus sign for "negative 200")
on the "Unrecognized Currency" column,
of the "Demo" Table of your site.
(JUST like you show in your video...).

But, after pressing <Enter>,
I still see ALL the Table rows...not the "selected" rows.
I would hope to see only the Table rows
with numbers "greater than minus 200" in this Column...

Maybe the word "YMB" in this Col., is interfering with the search query?

Similar "> 100" query on the last Col. of this Table,
(with the "$" dollar sign),
works OK!

All other Search queries on my other Tables, work great...
Firefox 11 (latest version).

PS: --- Update ---
Don't ask me why - my query (above) suddenly worked OK!
(probably something I was doing wrong...).

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.16.1-signed.1-signed). 

Thanks for your review & clear question/details!

The query failed you initially because the column is 'Unrecognized currency', meaning that TT2 considers the column contains strings. For strings, 'YMB...' is always bigger than '-200', that's why the query matched all rows except for the empty value row. It later worked for you because you right clicked inside that column and chose to sort the column as 'number/currency'. This tells TT2 that this column should be considered as number/currency. So now TT2 removes non-number characters and converts the cell values to numbers, and that is why the search query worked later.

That's the little detail that I believe I put inside the demo video too, but it's easy to miss it. But just remember, if TT2 fails to recognize a column correctly (some columns have exotic values or inconsistent values), just right click and choose to sort the column as whatever data type you see fit. TT2 will from now on always thinks that column is of that type (until you reload the page).