Feature Requests and Congratulations! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Wow - one moment I was struggling to find a tab in the 100 I have open, and the next I fortunately discovered your wonderful extension which solves one of my few long-standing annoyances with Firefox.I have just a couple of suggestions which could make this extension even better...1) a button to the right of the pattern box that clears the entry and hence lists all the tabs unfiltered2) to be able to use CTRL and SHIFT to select multiple tabs in the list, select "close tab" and to close them all in one action.If these are done, it will be a perfect extension!Thank you for your hard work and congratualations for your achievement!
UPDATE - I don't know whether you will see this update, but I will try to edit this review to post a suggestion.Since tab groups has become a standard feature of Firefox, it would be nice to have a column added to the tabhunter search window to show which group each tab belongs. Also, after selectively selecting the tabs that fit with a search criteria, it would be great to be able to right click and move all these tabs in one go to a different existing tab (if they aren't a member of the group already). I hope you know what I mean.I still love this extension regardless, though, just as I said in Feb 2009. ;) Keep up the amazing work!

PS. Another user has requested a way to close duplicate tabs. Be aware that there is already an excellent extension to do this, called Closy.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.7.5). 

Multiple-Tab selection has been rolled out

Hi, Hal, I finally discovered that if I'm logged in, I can reply to reviews.

Thanks for your recommendation. I've found out that Tabhunter isn't for everyone, but for those of us who work or research on the web, it does the job. That was a good idea on multiple-selection, so I've implemented it. I still need to test it on Linux and Windows, but I've put the XPI up for download at http://tabhunter.googlecode.com/files/tabhunter-0.7.6.xpi.

As for the first suggestion, you can do the same thing by pressing Ctrl-A and delete when the cursor is in the pattern field. I'm not convinced that another button would be more convenient. I like minimal interfaces, and find Tabhunter is already getting more cluttered than I'd like.

Thanks again,