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Have just installed it. Think, it will help me managing tabs, since I have often many tabs opened. But there is something left to improve. It's just missing the neccesary "deep integration" into FF:

Doesn't work well with "Tabs Open Relative". When I open some tabs from within the current tab they will open just next to the right of the current tab and each new tab will be appended at the right from the last appended tab. Now, if I switch to another group and back, it's just as if I had switched to another tab (in the same window) and back. The next new tab will open not at the right of the last appended tab, but at the rightmost position to the current tab.

Doesn't work well with bookmarking. If I'm going to bookmark "all tabs" (in the current window), I expected this add-on to only bookmark the "currently visible" tabs in the windows, i.e. the current group of tabs. But "all the tabs of all groups" have been bookmarked. This should be changed, or there should be another menu item for bookmarking "all tabs in current group".

When I restart browser, there is always a new "noname" group added into the window with nothing inside. If I would restart ten times, there would be ten useless groups. I must always close the new dummy group manually.

There should also be a menu item in the bookmarks submenus for opening all bookmarks "in new group". The same applies to context menu for link opening "in new group". Nevertheless, there should be some genuine support of groups in firefox also without any add-on. I think this must be a "to do" for FF 4.0. That would be just the next step after inventing "tabbed browsing": "grouped tabbed browsing". And we should be faster than Microsoft to add this functionality to browsing.

Up to now, thank you very much for this add-on, also although it's not in it's ultimative state.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2009.03.03.02). 

Thank you for the review.

"Tabs Open Relative" is not tested yet, but the same function of "Tab Mix Plus" operates correctly.
The problem might happen depending on the method of moving the tab.
I test of "Tabs Open Relative" later.
I might implement the function in TabGroups Manager in the future because other add-ons can't support the movement of the tab between Groups.

Function of "Bookmark this Group" was implemented in the context menu of the Group by the latest version under development.
You can bookmark all tabs in a Group to the bookmarkfolder by the function.
Bookmark all tabs of the bookmark menu is a function of Firefox.
Because Firefox cannot understand the tab to divide into the Group, the tab of all Groups is bookmarked.
The menuitem confuses the user.
I might make the menuitem non-display.

Perhaps, I think reason that extra noname Group is made is conflict with other add-on.
In my environment, the problem has not happened.
TabGroups Manager use standard SessionStore of Firefox for the restoration of the tab and the group.
There is a possibility that the problem happens if you use it with other add-on which interferes in SessionStore.

The problem that I understand is as follows.
TabGroups Manager doesn't operate correctly if other add-on execute SessionStore.init() in the window.onload event.
In this case, TabGroups Manager can't response for the first tab restoring event(SSTabRestoring) because the SSTabRestoring event is begun before TabGroups Manager begins the event listener of SSTabRestoring.
Therefore, the group where the tab is stored with SSTabRestoring event might remain empty.

Mozzilla Developer Center explains, this method is "Note: This function is intended for use only by the browser; extensions shouldn't call it.".
After the window.onload event of all add-ons is end, Firefox executes SessionStore.init() only once usually.
But, add-on that uses SessionStore for initialization want to execute init() for myself because SessionStore is inaccessible before executing init().
TabGroups Manager uses SessionStore for initializing too.
However, TabGroups Manager doesn't execute init() for myself.
TabGroups Manager use setTimeout to delay initialization that uses SessionStore after Firefox executes init().
Moreover, initialization is executed from SSTabRestoring event of SessionStore too. (SSTabRestoring happens earlier than setTimeout usually.)
However, there is add-on that executes init() for myself.

For example, add-on of "Session Manager" executes SessionStore.init() with window.onload.
The restoration of the first tab doesn't operate correctly when Firefox is started if TabGroups Manager was used together with Session Manager.
In the latest version under development, it almost correspond to Session Manager.
However, there might be other add-on that interferes in SessionStore.
In this case, I might have to deal individually.
If which add-on causes the problem is understood, I might be able to correct the problem.