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Why was TabGroups Manager created?

Firefox can open a large amount of tab.
However, it is difficult for the user to manage a large amount of tab.

The heavy user of Firefox opens more tabs than beginner.
Therefore, it is difficult for the heavy user to manage the tab.
I made the add-on to help that such the user can manage a lot of tabs.

If you use the add-on, you can manage easily even in 100 tabs or more, perhaps.
In addition, if you use hibernated Groups, you might be able to manage 1000 tabs!

What's next for TabGroups Manager

I up-loaded the new version that added a lot of new functions as a beta version.

There are two kinds of the versions.
1. support dev-build of Tab Mix Plus
2. support old version of Tab Mix Plus

If you want to use it, please choose it by the version of Tab Mix Plus.
If the version of Tab Mix Plus is illegal, alert dialog box is displayed.
If you do not use Tab Mix Plus, both versions work correctly.

In the latest version under the development, I implemented the "Suspend" function.
The Suspend function makes Group hibernate without removing from GroupBar.
I received a lot of requests for the function.

Moreover, I added the setting to suspend non-selected group automatically when Firefox was closed.
If you use it, the time necessary for the restart of Firefox can decrease.
If there are few tabs in the selected Group, and there are a lot of tabs in non-selected Group, the time for restart decreases drastic.
I will up-load the version for the test soon.

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name Axel Shootingstar
User since December 31, 2008
Number of add-ons developed 1 add-on
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