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I really like the add-on functionality wise, it performs great when many tabs are open (in contrast to some competitors) and it works well with the BarTab add-on. I do have one problem though: when I set a user defined URL to load when I open a new tab, the address bar isn't focused. This means I can't enter a new URL or tab over to the search box, when I'm not interested in the user defined URL. I therefore wish the address bar focusing was the same as when opening blank new tabs.

[[[Edit]]] Thank you for the tip! The implementation is a bit tricky however: the address bar only becomes available once the user defined URL has loaded. This means that there is no-response if I press too quickly, for example when moving to the search box with a single 'tab'. TMP's method of having the URL always selected seems to work better (still sticking with TU though ;)).

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extensions.tabutils.markNewAsBlank: Mark new non-blank tabs from New Tab command as blank tabs