Best of the big tab add-ons Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is without a doubt the best of all the Tab Mix type add-ons. It does just about everything you could possibly want to do with tabs, and it plays nicely with all the add-ons that provide the few functions that it doesn't. It's not buggy, it doesn't slow Firefox down to a crawl, and it doesn't conflict with other add-ons. Be sure you look through the (extremely detailed!) options carefully: there are a number of unexpected bonus functions in there, and it's easy to miss them if you're not paying attention.

The only real criticism I have about this extension is that its multi-tag functions don't seem to show quite the same attention to detail as the rest. For example, the mechanism for selecting multiple tags is a bit awkward and confusing, and selected tags are not marked very clearly -- with any of the colored tags add-ons enabled, in fact, it's impossible to distinguish selected from non-selected tags at all. For this reason, I've kept the Multiple Tag Handler add-on enabled, in spite of the duplication of functions. In comments left on other reviews, the creator has hastened to point out that this add-on works well with Multiple Tag Handler, which makes me wonder whether he might not have done better to leave those functions out of this add-on altogether. As things stand, they seem, if not exactly haIf-hearted, then notably less perfectionist than the rest of the program.

The Menu Editor add-on is very useful if you have both these add-ons enabled; without it or some other way of paring the menus down, the tab context menu becomes very long and unwieldy indeed, with an astonishing number of duplications.

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Thanks for your comment and criticism.
The selected tabs highlighting has been improved in version 1.0pre8. You may get it at: But I'm not sure what you mean by "awkward and confusing mechanism for selecting multiple tabs". In the Default settings, you may use Ctrl-click, Shift-click or Ctrl-Shift-click to select tabs. It's quite similar to Windows Explorer operations.