Not For FF20!!! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I've used this plug-in for a long time and was very happy with it.

Within the last year updated FF from ver. 14, to 17, to 19 and yesterday to 20.

Since updating FF to 20 having "Tab To Window" causes a custom toolbar that I have to constantly disappear after closing and opening FF again. I had to do a Reset of FF and reinstall all of my plugins one after the other to find this. TTW is definitely the culprit.

Besides, in FF20--maybe a couple of version previous--moving a tab to it's own window is in the tab's context menu, and to move a tab from one window to another you just drag-n-drop. If the tab was the last in the window, the window closes.

Thank you very much Sogame for years of good service, but TTW is redundant in at least FF20.