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I'll stick to FF 16.0.2 indefinitely for now, until a proper working version of TMP is out.The dev build works but in no way "like a charm". It has bugs that justify its 'dev' status just right.This is the most critical addon that is the only thing that justifies using Firefox in the first place. Without it, most people I know would just switch to another browser.

"He's doing this for free, he could just stop right now and walk away. "
- Of course. It's Mozilla's fault not getting it that this addon is what drives most people to using FF. As others said, Mozilla should integrate TMP's almost all functions directly into FF's distributable or the core itself.
By the way I doubt donations would make any difference on the speed of TMP's releases, unless a miracle happens and at least 20% ot users donate $5 or 10.

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