Good Tool but the Crash-Protection sucks Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I can only give 3 stars because its a cool tool with many features but the most important part to me does only work half the way...

I installed it mostly because the session restore. Session Restore works fine when you close the browser normally but it is a pain when the browser or even worse the pc is crashing. Its always the same since years. When a crash happened and i start FF again then TMP asks me to restore the tabs. When I do this its always the same... tabs are missing. Some tabs there, some there and so on... Last time I hadnt changed the tabscount after start of FF when it crashed. I restarted and it opened 54 Tabs. I saved all tab-urls in links and loaded the last intact session. It had 68 Tabs. So 14 Tabs vanished. I checked which one are gone and its a couple there a couple there...
This really really sucks. I wanted to protect my tabs but instead I lose silently some after a crash. I guess most people even doesnt notice this when a tab somewhere in the list is gone.

I told this via mail a year ago but no change.

Now I wanted to write it in their forum and had to register. The captcha for registering seems bad. Clicking enter only loads a new captcha or is the captch really that hard that I had to try 10 times? After I finally tried to click the submit button with the mouse instead simply enter it told me I had too many tries. Only deleting session cookie let me register. Whatever... it seems to be a forum where you have to wait days to get your activation-mail.
So i write this here cause I saw a developer is writing here.

Why dont you build in basic security measures like every file moving in windows does? First create the new saved session. And only when this session is fully written switch it as the last recent session used to restore after a crash. When the crash happens while saving the new session there is still the last session set as the recent one. And this one wont be corrupted.
Only saving the session and when a crash is happening restore the corrupt session is of very limited worth.

I hope finally something is changing at this point... thanks!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (