Stop waiting for Tabkit, a new avatar of it seem to be arriving!! Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Hi Guys!

Tabkit seems to be emerging in a fast, lightweight and most importantly, regularly updated add-on called TabUtilities.

I requested for adding the Tabkit like vertical tabbing feature-set to TabUtilities as it’s already very popular tab related add-on.
And the author has listened and added vertical tab feature on it’s trial version!

It’s already looking quite promising... it does not have all the features of Tabkit yet but you can request it’s author for the essential features that you need for vertical tabs. The author Ithinc is very active and I think he would add if your requested feature is useful and in high demand are useful and in high-demand.

You can install trial add-on with vertical tabs here:
The option for vertical tabs can found under “Appearance”. You need to set it “Tab-bar” to left or right.
The Tab-grouping is not yet there but if you request he might add it.

You can request for the Tabkit features that you would like to have in TabUtilities here:

Please be specific about the features that you would like have.

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