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Great! Barely 5 days after I asked for it, the multiple tab rows feature gets implemented. Thanks a lot to the developer. Much appreciated.

However, there are a couple of bugs in the multiple tab rows feature:
- When using a non-default width for tabs, the new tab button disappears when there are a certain number of tabs open
- Also when using a non-default minimum tab width (25 in my case), tabs reach the end of the line but the second row takes a few more tabs to appear. In the meantime, new tabs are opened in the first row but the first tabs (on the far LEFT) disappear from the tab bar until the second row is displayed.

Let me also suggest a couple of enhancements about this same feature:
- There's no way of setting the minimum/maximum width of tabs, other than tinkering with about:config, could this be considered for future versions ...?
- There's no way of setting the maximum rows of tabs to display (à la "Tab Kit", please take a look at how it manages multiple rows of tabs).

Thanks in advance

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.43). 

about multi-tab row

thanks for the message of the issue.
Please try version 1.47 and the multi-row issues should have be resolved.
Also, added setting of minimum tab min width. Sometimes I find this is useful, such as adjusting the width so that only "new tab" button appearing at second tab row issue could not happen.
But, seems the setting need restart Firefox.