Saves me time Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is a really cool addon, and it saves me time typing, when I remember to look at it. :P
I think the location could be better. Like, the first word autocompletes, and the rest are shown in the dropdown.
Oh, and it should also hide when no textarea is focused.

Re: Save me time

I really appreciate your feedback on the addon and I am happy to know that this addon is helping you in someway!

I do accept dropdown does not hide properly every time and I am working on it.
The other suggestion, regarding autocompletion to continue beyond a word, is part of version v0.3 which has still a long way to go!
I understand the location of dropdown does not relate to position of cursor but that is really an impossible task with given features of Firefox until I modify the DOM of the webpage which I do not wish to do as of now! May be this can be a feature in v0.4
Thanks for all your inputs and appreciation! looking forward for more feedback from your side on future versions of the addon.