Clear, Simple, Practically Perfect Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for making this awesome theme. The default Firefox 12 icons are ridiculously small, so I've been looking for a decent replacement that didn't cause conflicts or other issues and having no luck until I found your theme. What a great idea to make a theme where you simply fix the toolbar button size and color issues of Firefox 12, but don't mess with anything else (and thus don't create conflicts and issues, hurrah!) Your icons are simple, clear, colorful and approx. 2x the size of the eensy-teensy eye-straining Firefox 12 default icons - i.e. normal size! Extra kudos for not overwhelming the button designs with too many confusing colors or "busy" artsy details and for instead making the designs intuitive and clear. Using StrataM 4 I can once again identify the toolbar button I want with just a glance. Also works fine with all my other addons and does not cause any conflicts or issues, which is worth 5 stars right there. I like to add toolbar buttons for "Save Page As", "Bookmark this Page" and a few other items, so I use this with Toolbar Buttons, Toolbar Extras and Active Stop Button - works beautifully with all. I would guess that it is not easy to write an extension that doesn't cause conflicts or issues and to keep up with the utterly insane and unending (and annoying beyond belief) revision cycles that Firefox has been going through. You all have done an outstanding job with this addon.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.12).