Stop YouTube Autoplay doesn't work with Ffx 17.0.1 Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I see that my post was deleted and guess it must be due to having included a url for a YouTube video page, so I won't repeat the whole post from memory and will just say that the add-on isn't working with Flash videos at YouTube. I right-clicked on the video to see if HTML5 is listed anywhere in it and it isn't. It seems to be a Flash video sort of menu, just that I think that it also has more options than what I've normally seen when right-clicking on YouTube videos. Maybe not. Perhaps I'm just not recalling the menu entirely enough.Anyway, the add-on isn't working with these videos and I'm presently using Firefox 17.0.1.And until the problem is corrected I'll give the add-on 2 stars, though have been using it for a long time now and it formerly always worked for me. I might be mistaken but think that YouTube should stop "messing around" with the videos. It and other video Web sites should also stop auto-playing of videos, for it should be entirely up to users when to start playing these. Unfortunately, the providers seem to be of a different opinion; but the concept is very simple and these providers surely wouldn't appreciate it if their radios, TVs, computers, cars, electrical tools, et cetera, began to auto-play just because they're present. It's not a novel idea that users be required to turn these things on themselves. And empowering users also isn't a novel idea, either. It's usually essential in software engineering or development and surely also is in engineering fields in general.