Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This add-on is really nice, brings back the status bar like it should be. However, there is a catch: For example: I have the extension InformEnter installed. Before FF 4.0, I had a symbol in the status bar. When I right-clicked it, the extension would show the arrows behind forms to fill in data. When I didn't need them any longer (because they were disrupting the style of the page sometimes), I right-clicked again on the symbol in the status bar and they were gone. Now, with FF 4-11, when I right-click on the InformEnter symbol in the add-on bar of FF, not only do I switch the extension on and off, but also I have the menu to show and hide toolbars. THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT. I had hoped that Status-4-Eva could solve this by replacing the add-on bar with its own status bar, sadly no. Nonetheless, this is a nice extension to have :)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2012. 

As of Firefox 4.0, the Add-on Bar (a.k.a the Status Bar) is a regular toolbar. This means you can customize it by placing toolbar items on it. S4E does not modify the toolbar in any way. All it does is provide a few new items you can place on the toolbar. When you right-click on a toolbar, it WILL show the menu to enable/disable the available toolbars, or customize the toolbars. If a toolbar button is not specifically designed to handle right-clicks, the default toolbar menu WILL be shown. Try regular clicking on the button, or contact the developer of the extension.