Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Frankly, the BEST firefox add-on there is. Seriously, if I could only have one add-on this would be it, even over AdBlock Plus.

If you only make one set of 9 dials, then you probably don't agree with the above, and I don't blame you. All of the power in this addon comes from being able to create MORE THAN ONE SPEED DIAL PAGE.

Sure, Google has that speed dial thing, and so does Opera, but Google's is based on usage, and Opera only gives you one page. I have 19 speed dial groups, no exaggeration. Each group shows up as a tab across the top and can be customized with their own colors to make them easy to find. I have groups based on function (custom searches, my best online deals websites, one with all of my blogs, another with all of my blog's admin pages, one for family stuff, one for personal stuff... you get the idea). If you've got bookmarks coming out of your ears like I do, Speed Dial is a life saver. Now I can bookmark everything I want to and even be a bit sloppy about it, because all of my critical or important bookmarks are in my speed dials.

To get the most of out this addon, create more than one dial group and load them up with your sites that you need quick access to. Then, change the settings to display your dials in new tabs instead of the home page (make your current home page the #1 dial on your first dial group and you'll have the same access).

I don't want to go on forever here, so I wrote up a review http://besthubris.com/computers-internet/software-computers-internet/best-firefox-addon-for-more-productivity/ -- It is posted on my site at besthubris.com if you want to check out screenshots and the rest of how I have configured and setup this addon to maximize my own online productivity.

Download this one. Try it out. You won't be sorry.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.9.5).