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I've been using this for a long time. FF once was really bad/stuttering with smooth scrolling. Also this addon has good customizability. But after I upgraded to FF40 I decided to cleanup old addons and tried to remove SmoothWheel. I was surprised how well the built-in smooth scrolling was, even better than what SmoothWheel provided so far. Also FF has many options to customize the scrolling parameters and I've set it up just the way I want. SW also causes FF to stutter after some browser uptime. Not the built-in smooth scrolling. Also this addon seems abandoned long ago.
Edit: Ok, my 3-star rating was a bit underestimating. SW was doing its job quite well over the years.
Avi, not much to say really, over time the browser just starts to stutter when scrolling as the browser accumulates uptime. I have only 7 or 8 addons. Same setup, I disabled SW and fine tuned the built-in smooth scrolling through about:config, and FF scrolls better and smoother and does not degrade smoothness over (up)time. That's why the addon is not needed (at least in my setup) anymore. FF's smoothness is currently better than before and than SW's.

It's not abandoned, and it works. If it ain't broken...

As for the "SW also causes FF to stutter after some browser uptime", I think it's highly unlikely, but if you could post to SmoothWheel's comments page with a better description and some steps to reproduce it, I'll look at it. Thanks.

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duzers, you can use about:config to fine tunne the addon. I tuned all of its options entirely in about:config (filter by smoothwheel) to suit my precise needs.
You just have to see first how these options change when you change options in the UI so you know which values mean what and test. After you set it, don't use the UI so it won't mess with your fine tunings.

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I concur - scrolling over text areas is not working. Very bad. Please fix this critical malfunctioning. Almost 3 months after the last update there is no update to this problem.I cannot live without this extension and I feel very sorry I didn't notice this problem before I updated from FF19 to 22 :( .

EDIT: Turns out I managed to fix the issue by editing a js file inside the add-on. There is a smoothwheel.js inside a JAR file inside the addon, you have to edit on line 932. Quick fix is to modify the if() condition by adding
name == "textarea" ||
just after the if (and enclose the rest of the condition in braces (....). Repackage the files back in their format, delete any unpackaged temp directories (like the contents obtained from unpackaging the jar file), and package back to xpi. XPI files are ZIP really. And it works as it should.
DL link:

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I (not only) won't update FF from 19 until this addon is fixed to work with the current version. Period.
FF20 and 21 have broken so many things, and removed useful features, and while some of the other problems can be alleviated with addons or other means, this addon does not have good alternatives for me.
With every other version FF breaks so many good addons that it becomes a real problem again. Aren't they supposed to fix bugs and not messing around in a way to break addons every month or so...?!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (