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I concur - scrolling over text areas is not working. Very bad. Please fix this critical malfunctioning. Almost 3 months after the last update there is no update to this problem.I cannot live without this extension and I feel very sorry I didn't notice this problem before I updated from FF19 to 22 :( .

EDIT: Turns out I managed to fix the issue by editing a js file inside the add-on. There is a smoothwheel.js inside a JAR file inside the addon, you have to edit on line 932. Quick fix is to modify the if() condition by adding
name == "textarea" ||
just after the if (and enclose the rest of the condition in braces (....). Repackage the files back in their format, delete any unpackaged temp directories (like the contents obtained from unpackaging the jar file), and package back to xpi. XPI files are ZIP really. And it works as it should.
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