Rated 3 out of 5 stars

#1 Could we please have a choice of html tags instead of only BBCode tags.
#2 Could the categories be titled Happy,Sad,angry, etc. instead of the strange category titles that exist now like ViShenk@.
#3 COuld we please have a category called FAVORITES placed at the very top of the sidebar, where we can place are most used and most liked. (Just copypaste them into it from another category)
#4 Some categories are repeated like Wark NO6. Please remove repeated ones.
#5 Some smilies are repeated. Please remove repeated ones.
#6 Could we please have the ability to remove smilies that we don't like and will never use or at least move them into a category called "Unused".
#7 Could there be a way to add our own smilies from websites into a category called "Custom Smileys".
#8 Please add dragn drop so that we can easily place smilies in an order that we like.
#9 The category that opens all smilies at once is called www.kolobok.us. That is strange and needs to be changed to "Display All Smilies".
#10 All smilies should have a transparent background so they don't show a white box around them when on non=white background forums.
With all these added features then this addon is worth 10 stars ! !

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.3.3).