Still the best Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I still prefer this extension to any of the replacements that have been offered. Here are instructions to make Smart Bookmarks Bar work with FF6. (Copied from a review written by "Ramon" 5 months ago.):

1) download the .xpi file ( Rightclick on add to firefox and choose Save as..)
2)go to the .xpi file and open it with a zip-like program (I used winrar)
3) edit install.rdf, (in notepad) replace 3.1b2 with 6.9 ( in maximum version of ff
)4) Save the document
5) Go to the new firefox button; and choose addons
6) in the right corner you will see a settings icon, click that and choose install addon by file
7) Browse to your file and let firefox install the addon. Restart and enjoy this great addon in FF6