Tab issue Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I would happily give this theme 5 stars but i've noticed a new problem with the latest version of firefox and one that has stayed throughout. The latest problem is that the tabs on top of the URL bar are over sized and actually cut into the URL bar area below when originally they was lovely and inline with the top of the URL area, and the reappearing problem is that in group tab if you shrink your group window down to the smallest allowable then the group tab picture actually covers the maximize button partially which can become annoying when you click to maximize the group and instead to only have it actually open up group itself as your main current group, If you could sort these problems out then this would be the best theme by far, as it is a nice dark theme without being pitch black and has multiple colour choices for those who wish to not have default, so yeah if you are able to fix these problems i will happily give this theme 5 stars, and a suggestion to go along with the Tab issue fix would be to release a mega theme which is a combined download with all the colours so the user can swap between them in theme option and only have it listed as one theme, as some people might download all the colours and swap depending on what they want for the time being


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0910). 

Thanks for your support and comment with details. All the glitches you mentioned will be fixed on the next coming updated version (1.0929) very soon. For the theme switching problem, please notice that once the updated version is available, you need to switch back to the Firefox default theme and restart the browser first, then enable this theme again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.