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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how SIMILAR PAGES (“Similar Pages” or “we”) will use the information deriving from your utilization of our web discovery tool (“SimilarPages Add-on”), in order to provide you the service allowing you to find and access hundreds of third parties’ websites (“SimilarPages Lists”) having similar content to the one (“Input URL”) you are visiting (“Service”).

This Privacy Policy only governs the use of information through the Service and does not apply to any website you may eventually reach through the Service.
1. Description of the service

In providing our service, we do not collect personal identifiable data from you, that is data relating to your name, or other information which allow us to identify you even indirectly, except when you suggest a URL to be added to our DB. Only in this case we control IP addresses, in order to prevent robots to illegally access to our site. The sole information we collect and store are the following:

identification number referring to the SimilarPages Add-on installed on your computer: this number is essential to enable us to provide you the Service, but it cannot be matched with any personal information in order to identify the user;
log files: we automatically gather certain information such as (i) search query logs (i.e. date and time of each query, URL from which the query originates, URL of destination when you select one or more results of the search query; type of browser used by your computer) strictly necessary to provide you the Service and connect you to the results of the search; (ii) tracks of any changes you eventually introduce in the SimilarPages List (i.e. deleting a result or changing the order in which the results are displayed), in order to let us display your modified list the following time you will query the same Input URL.

All the information above are necessary in order to provide you the Service and are strictly functional to the operation of such Service.

In addition, we may use these informations to administer the Service, in order to improve the quality of our lists and the relevance of our suggestions.

2. Third parties’websites privacy policy

Our Service allows you to reach hundreds of third parties’ websites having similar content to the one you are visiting. Therefore, our Service suggests similar websites to the one you are currently visiting. We have no control – and we are not responsible – over such third parties’ websites, their contents and/or functionality or their use of your information. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of the websites reached through our Service, so that you can understand how they collect, use and share your information, if any.
3. Changes in this privacy policy

We may post updates to this Privacy Policy from time to time and you undertake to regularly check our Privacy Policy available on our website for any changes.

If we make material changes to our Privacy Policy, and in particular, should we decide to collect personal identifiable information requiring your consent, we will duly notify you.
4. Contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us through

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