Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Normally one star reviews should be for apps that completely do not work. Normally 2 stars should be for ones that barely work or are deeply flawed. This one does work- so why one star? I am freakin' mad! I spent way way way too much time trying to make signatures with this thing. It can't load images( it just displays a bunch of junk( the code)), it only displays simple text- heck I could do that without this!, it has no HTML editor, it has way too many geeky and difficult to understand menus, the site is supposed to give detailed instructions but it doesn't. If you weren't already an advanced user forget it! YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME!

The bottom line is maybe advanced users might get some tiny tiny advantage from using this but for all the aggravation involved it isn't worth it. It is my observation that there has yet to be a competent signature add-on that is worth using. I found it was MUCH easier just to do the following: I made my own signature using simple old Paint. I used a brush just like I was writing in cursive and wrote a signature, then I saved it and went back and made several versions with my email, phone #, a saying, with each,without... Then I made a signature folder in my pictures. Then when I want a signature I just insert the picture and center it. People who have seen it are raving about it and asking how the heck I did it! It was easy and a fraction of the hassle that ANY of the signature add-ons give us. Maybe someday someone will make one that works and is so simple that your grandma can run. Until they make it so you want "xyz" to display- click click- done! Until then don't waste your time with ANY of the signature apps!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.6.7). 

Apollo!, thanks for your grateful review!

And thank you for appreciating all the work I put into this add-on trying to improve the Thunderbird-experience.
I'm sooo sad about the add-on not fulfilling every aspect of your needs. And I really hope that evaluating this piece of software didn't take away as much of your precious spare-time as it took for me to develop it.
Thank god you're warning all the other people out there!
I just wonder why there seem to be users that actually like this useless tool. Strange.

Please send me your PayPal-information so I can refund the price you paid for the add-on. Oh, wait... it came for free. Hmmmm.

I just can't wait 'til you release your own granny-proof signature-add-on which will relief us from our pain(t signatures) and include all features one could wish.
Oh,let me guess - you're no coder. So that's the ONLY reason why we won't see a "competent" signature-add-on from you. Otherwise you'd do way better than all these other people you mentioned. Right.

Well. Anyway. An unfair comment/rating still is better than none, I guess. :o)