Meet the Side Tabs Developer

Why was Side Tabs created?

Before Firefox 4 I used my own UserChrome.css style to create the side tabs that I wanted. Once I upgraded to Firefox 4 I found out that method was no longer possible. Nearly all the previous side tab extensions found on Mozilla's Add-on page no longer worked. I found two extensions that still worked in moving your tabs to the side of your browser.

The first was Tree Style Tabs, it worked very well however it was too much over the top for what I wanted. I was disappointed to find I could not disable the additional functionality. The second was Vertical Tabs, now that was something closer to what I was looking for. However there were still extra features that I did not care for. One being the tabs toolbar at the bottom of the tab list, it looked completely out of place in my Windows visual style. The other was a grouping feature which was useless to me as I never used it.

All I wanted was the same functionality as the Firefox default tabs, but to have them moved to the side of the screen. Chrome 15's experimental side tabs were almost exactly what I was looking for, with the small addition of being able to re-size the width of the tab list. The real problem was that I did not want to use Chrome, I wanted to continue using Firefox. I decided I was going to make the extension that I wanted. I started off by exploring the source code of Vertical Tabs. I was able to remove the unneeded features. I then moved onto styling, using Chrome 15's side tabs as inspiration.

That created Side Tabs 0.1, I plan to continue developing, fixing any reported bugs, and adding popular feature suggestions and giving the ability to enable to disable those additional features.

What's next for Side Tabs

I have high hopes for this extension and plan to actively develop it. Nothing is set in stone, but here are some of my ideas for customizing Side Tabs:

Select custom colors for:
Background, tab, active tab, hover tab, new tab button, hover new button, and font.

Select custom:
Tab height and padding. Font size, font face, and font color.

Show or hide:
Title bar, new tab button, title in titlebar.

Enable or disable:
Round edges on tabs.

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name Joshua English
Location Montreal, Canada
User since December 5, 2009
Number of add-ons developed 1 add-on
Average rating of developer's add-ons Rated 4 out of 5 stars