Bad design, no longer works Rated 3 out of 5 stars

no longer adds extra info in the page so it is useless

and the status bar entry for it stretches the bar vertically for no reason

and shortship is disabled by default which also sucks

I liked the old version 1 better with the classic search, it actually worked and didn't add a annoying status bar entry that made the bar like twice as high

the only thing that can help shortship now is if they add a option to have it enabled by default and to disable the status bar entry and actually make it work with the new search

for for 5 stars, add a css edit to make the site fit wide screen displays like the old search

edit: changed the rating, the features behind it are good, at least in the old version.
but there are a few problems, it needs the price + shipping added. ebay's version of it sucks because if you sort by price + shipping, you get spammed with a million results of new auctions that will most likely skyrocket in price

and if you fort just by time ending soonest, you get a million results of items that are overpriced and 0 bids because the idiots actually believed they would spend $50 on a used heatsink or some other random crap when the brand new thing and free shipping is available at all other online stores for $20

the old shortship allowed you to instantly sort the current results by price, so i can search for time ending soonest, then in 200 result chunks, sort by lowest price which gave a good balance between time ending and low prices, but i cant do that with this new version

it doesn't even add the extra rows of into which gave the total price