Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I wrote impulsively before about Vodpod. I have been informed by the developers that:

1. There was not a massive advertising deployment on the widgets. The advertisiing test was inserted only over the past four weeks on new widgets deployed on certain blog platforms since mid-October. It only affected 100 or so widgets out of tens of thousands, Vodpod says that they did not retroactively turn this on people's widgets.

(My misfortune was that I had embedded two widgets that threw up advertising and my collaborators were protesting.)

2. The "Share Videos" button is used widely by people to post videos directly to their blogs. No advertising ever appeared there, this is simply a free utility they provide.

I was being unfair perhaps and I apologise to the Vodpod developers.

That overcome...I think Vodpod is one of the best addons available in the Firefox stable. and a brilliant contribution to the Social Web.

It in effect enables you to generate your own video channel. The addon will capture and the widget will also display Slideshare digital presentations and Picasa and Flickr slideshows.