Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Those of us who blog consistently find that whatever we can do directly from our browsers to make life simpler while adding content richness to our blogs or sites is of enormous benefit. That is, of course, why so many pro bloggers use FireFox, among the many reasons.

So, when I discovered Vod:Pod on TalkingPointsMemo, I was intrigued. When I saw they had a FireFox extension, I was thrilled, and when I started using it, I was hooked. The Save to Vod:Pod extension makes grabbing great Flash videos from all kinds of sites a snap, and when combined with their widgets and such, make updating your blog with new video content easy as can be.

The nice thing is that it's not limited to YouTube or Google video, but can grab videos from most pages that use Flash to display them. That's not always true, unfortunately, since most of my local news sources use code that seems to be incompatible. But by-and-large, adding videos works more often than not.

You can also use this extension to post directly to your blog, if you're using a hosted site such as WordPress.com or Blogger. This isn't terribly useful to those of us who self-post, but I'm hoping a new version will soon allow us to post to any blog.

About the only thing I can say I would like to see improved with this plugin would be the addition of a context menu, just because there are some video sites that open a player with no toolbars.

So check out Vod:Pod and grab this extension if you want to make posting videos quick and easy.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.5).