nice addon Rated 5 out of 5 stars

i was not looking for it, but it's exactly what i wanted! though i'm pretty careful with installers, i'm not spared by unwanted changes.

Nice and tiny addon Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I wrote where you told, but not sure if I did it in the right place.
So, I duplicated it here:
Currently when the Guard reports the changes in settings, the non-advanced user might have doubts - what to do.
If he doesn't change settings to default it might be dangerous.
If he changes settings to default it might also cause some unexpected behavior - especially with addon that caused changes in default setting.
So, it is highly desired to give the user (especially - non-advanced) ability to return to situation before he makes changes, i.e. to return to not default settings in case when default settings don't satisfy the user.
An advanced user can do it via about:config - he knows what to do, but for non-advanced user it is hard.
So, I propose the following.
1. To be able to call the Guard window dialog also by user initiative and not only when Guard finds something.
2. The window itself should list not only the changes to default settings that it recommends, but also the changes that were done by it earlier.
3. The user should be able:
a) to UNDO some changes that he did due to Guard recommendations
b) to DO some changes that Guard recommends, that were refused (cancelled) earlier

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