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Privacy Policy


Thank you for choosing SERPTrends. By using this software, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Please note that this contract limits our liability and that we do not provide warranties for the software. We encourage you to review the complete contract carefully.


SERPTrends is an add-on software for browsers including but not limited to Mozilla Firefox. SERPTrends is not affiliated with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome in any way. SERPTrends adds the “trends symbols” and other information on web site pages and may disrupt the normal use of websites.

If you notice any problem while using SERPTrends along with your browser, uninstall SERPTrends before contacting SERPTrends’s support team.

You may uninstall SERPTrends with no limitations at any time and, using the standard add-on uninstall procedures as offered by your browser.

SERPTrends is free software but we may at any time add new information to output data including but not limited to advertisements. The add-on does not launch pop-up or pop-under advertisement windows or any other type of obtrusive ads.

Privacy Policy

“Private Information” is information you provide, that personally identifies you, such as your name, phone number, or email address. Except for your email address. and SERPTrends addon does not collect any Private Information and does not require end-users to provide it.

“Add-on Data” means stored data which is necessary for add-on proper functionality and which is stored on the user computer when end-user uses the add-on. This data is may be users’ usage statistics, search statistics, search position dynamics, performed searches or any other related to search engine analytics data. SERPTrends Add-on stores Add-on Data on the end-user computer.

“Non- Private Information” is information that can’t by itself be associated with a person itself. Non- Private Information includes but is not limited to your browser’s configuration.

“Usage Statistics” refers to the Non-Private Information, SERPTrends may by your consent use to understand your use of the SERPTrends add-on. Such information may include but is not limited to the amount of Add-on Data, but not the Add-on Data itself, you store with the service, the frequency with which you use the add-on. By your consent only SERPTrends may receive and use the Usage Statistics i.e. following information for the purpose of improving the add-on: IP address, date and time of performing searches, or search terms itself, and various operational data such as the type of client or browser version.

If at any time, you decide you no longer want to use SERPTrends, you may un-install the SERPTrends add-on. Click on the “Tools” menu, then “Add-ons”, select SERPTrends and click “Uninstall”, or use other add-on uninstall procedure, depending on your browser.

Other Disclosures

SERPTrends may change this Privacy Policy from time to time without notification and user consent. This policy does not apply to other SERPTrends websites, products, or services.

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