Absolutely unusable in its current state Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I've been using the Send to Kindle feature of Readibility so far and was please to see Amazon finally released an "official" extension of their own. However, in it's current state this is simply a usability nightmare. The hotkeys are supposed to be ALT+K and ALT+P. However, it also triggers for several other key combinations: CTRL+C (copy - copied text doesn't up end on the clipboard, instead the Send to Kindle dialog comes up), SHIFT+arrow keys (so you can't highlight text with the keyboard any more), ALT+TAB (switching to another program). As a result, Firefox has become unusable for me.The question is, why don't the other reviewers mention those problems? It may well be that they don't highlight and copy text from websites using the keyboard (it works alright using the mouse), and don't switch tasks with ALT+TAB. Or this could be caused by a conflict with other extensions:The description contains a disclaimer: " The extension may also not work properly if you have extensions that block the use of JavaScript running. " I have no idea if this is causing this behavior, but even if it isn't this would be yet another reason not to use Send to Kindle: NoScript is an absolutely essential security extension that no one in their right mind would be willing to sacrifice for Send to Kindle. To be sure, I also have dozens of other addons, so this may be the result of other incompatibilies, too. The only way to find out would be to deactivate all of them except Send to Kindle, then switch them back on one by one and see what happens. But why would I want to do this when Readabiltiy works just fine (as well as a few other unofficial Kindle-support extensions)? There's no reason to put up with this.

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