A New Era in Internet Privacy Has Dawned Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I've been using the extension "Better Privacy" to keep my browsing activities cloaked in anonymity, keeping me under the radar as discreet, far away, as possible from the unseen cadre of shadowy, prying eyes from the innocuous ad marketer, the malevolent scam artist and the sinister forces of government 24/7 surveillance that track your every move, every keystroke in ways you aren't even aware of, nor hope to ever avoid completely.

It's does a great job of deleting even the most intransigent of flash cookies that been known to be resistant to the conventional method of removing tracking cookies, to remain on your hard drive indefinitely. Using it will have the cookies accumulate for you to delete at your disposal.

I've installed "Self-Destructing Cookies", deleted my cookies before spending more than 12 hours online, browsing, going about my business as usual and with each cookie attempting to have me tracked a small icon on the bottom right alerts you to the cookie having been destroyed before ever getting on your desktop. After about 12 hours I checked the Firefox Options Panel under the 'Privacy'' category to check for any cookies that might have accumulated. I was absolutely flabbergasted that there did not appear a single cookie having accumulated throughout the entire session. It is my humble opinion that Self-Destructive Cookies has got to be the greatest innovation in internet privacy ever. The internet having been created in a haphazard,not very well thought out manner, the consequences of which having left it, its users, vulnerable to its considerable weakness ,downside in the form of spam, the ability to track, accumulate data against users' best interests. But at least now, and the oreseeable future 'Self-Destructive Cookies' is a godsend in having leveled the playing field in defiance of the billion dollar industry that the tracking cookie has spawned.

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