Great Addon Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Very simple and works perfectly. I've been using a few options to maintain cookies but this is the best so far because it only saves things on the 'saved list' -that can be done with other Addons but here it's done very easily and of course while it's saving it's quickly deleting every other cookie you don't want on the fly.

Please keep this Addon nice and simple. Thanks to the developer for the work :-)

-----Just to add a point, this isn't integrated with 3.5.2's "Clear history when Firefox closes" Options/Settings ie FF will delete all cookies even if they're being protected by selectivecookiedelete

So the user of this Addon will have to leave "cookies" it unticked like this and visit selectivecookiedelete's options every time they was to clear cookies. I tend to visit that every day anyway but it would be better to have the option of working automatically for people I think.

Since selectivecookiedelete works so well I'm happy for sites to leave a cookie because I know it'll be removed (and my favourites will be saved). Blocking every single cookie can cause some problems and cookies is how browsing works (and works well as we do like them on our favourite sites).

A little bit more integration would make this perfect. Left clicking the icon would also be good if it auto-cleaned everything, rather than having the popup and then clicking "Save prefrences and remove cookies now".

Or maybe I'm getting too complicated? :p

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.5.1-signed.1-signed). 

automatic removal

The addon has an option to automatically remove cookies when you left-click the button, just uncheck the check box that says "show this window again". I know it is a little confusing :)

Option to automatically clean up every time firefox is closed is added in version 3.5, which is not yet public, so you need to manually download it or wait for the new release.

Thanks for your review