Useful. Some enhancements possible? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I like this, far better than the strangely bijoux default.

It has just been useful after about:sessionrestore broke in FF19.0 for Mint (bug/835109); it still works where the default failed.

But not initially, because I had version 1.1 installed, and was not offered as update by the re-grade compatibility process. Another problem for FF?

If I might suggest an enhancement, though it may be too much to code:
Often FF crashes
Often FF crashes because of a recent web-page (more precisely, because of the web-page it is most recently processing)
It would therefore be useful - optionally - to be able to see a list of pages in (reverse) load order rather than window/tab sequence, the better to identify & remove the putative culprit (which is otherwise buried in the midst of all else).

Another thing that might be useful would be the ability to call up this recovery page for a second bite at restring more pages.
One can do this with about:sessiorestore, but it's not so clear how to do it with the enhanced page.
Even more useful if that were added to the History or Tools menu.