Don't doubt the Cloud Rated 5 out of 5 stars

We all use search engines and they all say they are the best, at least in some manner. They usually are very good search engines, though we all know that the search engine can only be as good as the terms or words entered into the engine.

With Cloudlet for Google and Twitter, I get a very visual sense of my search results. And, they are not just a bunch of words, they are clues to take you to the post probable sites and to week-out sites that come up in many search engines, so they do appear, but they are tiny - telling us that the link is unlikely what we want. Besides having the size of the word to guide us, we can click on the left or right side of the words for different actions.

When Cloudlet comes up in a Google search, I Immediately shave off many of the responses to the query by using Cloudlet and its amazing way to bring forth the most likely sites for the information I am looking for.

The same goes on Twitter and, again, it works.
I do NOT mind purchasing solid programs. It is amazing how much we get for free - or in a barter for some of our personal information. Cloudlet is one program that I would purchase, and tie it into Surf Canyon and you are home frree.

Try it, I mean really play with how it works, for it is not just seeing the size of the words, there is more and it takes just about 10 minutes to really get the hang of it. My bet is that you will want it in as many searches as possible.

Good luck!