Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I don't really like giving not so good reviews, but i hate to see old, outdated addons. Not sure if its because its an old addon and never been updated in awhile, but ive just tried this and there's no difference between this and the firefox save page. Oh maybe there was a folder created but the contents of the folder were no different to each other, both contained the exact same contents. So Pretty useless addon, that should probably be updated or removed.

Please forgive the 1 star. Suppose everyone has there own opinion eh!

1 star for the idea though!

Just Checked - Firefox Still Doesn't Save Properly

2bad, it's possible that you had the "Replace Firefox Built-in Save" preference enabled. I just downloaded the latest nightly built of Firefox and ran a full save of a test page I created for proper webpage saving. The built-in "Save As, Complete" turns out terrible - many of the images are missing and the fonts don't show up properly.

You got my hopes up, but Firefox definitely does not save properly without extensions yet.