rehost image is a must-have firefox extension Rated 5 out of 5 stars

sure it's not as high on the must have list as AdBlock Lite*, RefControl, RequestPolicy, Lazarus, greasemonkey, tree style tab

but is in the second tier with such extensions as Remove Cookies from Site, Default Full Zoom, FlashBlock, really remember, tark, text link, TooManyTabs, and nzbdStatus

This extension will protect your online smilie collection from excessive borrowing. I have a master collection hosted myself on VPS, and mirrored on imageshack. But I usually create a mirror of a smiley for each forum I use. This preserves my bandwidth and gives new life to smileys

I often link to this extension on those forums where I promote certain firefox extensions... as you ought consider doing likewise. I originally used both this extension and ImageBot, but the dev of the latter slowly revealed less than awesome morality.

Wladimir Palant, author of AdBlock Plus from which AdBlock Lite is forked, has lost user trust by creating an uber white-list that overrides all blocking to "allow ads". WTH? yup, and this "optional" feature is enabled by default. evil? seems so. If Wladimir Palant wants to restore any trust he ought make the feature DISABLED by default and receive INFORMED-consent from user to enable it. Otherwise Wladimir Palant extension is now malware.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (