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oh i see. yes, i want to use it to other name to. i tried with wildcard pattern: "http://www.kapanlagi.com/foto/selebriti/*/*/*/foto-*.html" to get "http://foto.kapanlagi.com/selebriti/$3/$4.html" and it does redirect to the address i want, but to bad the website use the sentence case i told you about.
i tought i can use this addon, but look like i need to learn using script.
nver the less, youve made great addon here..
and thanks for the reply

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thanks for the reply, but i think i'm made my question earlier not quite clear. it is not the same url. The one i asked about is the case sensitive url thing.
say i want to redirect this link "http://www.kapanlagi.com/foto/selebriti/indonesia/d/dian_sastrowardoyo/foto-dian-sastrowardoyo-730.html" to "http://foto.kapanlagi.com/selebriti/Dian_Sastrowardoyo/dian-sastrowardoyo-730.html" or directly to the image location "http://klimg.com/kapanlagi.com/selebriti/Dian_Sastrowardoyo/dian-sastrowardoyo-730.jpg" (that should be loaded in url i said before this), what expression should i write?
I could make it redirect to "http://foto.kapanlagi.com/selebriti/dian_sastrowardoyo/dian-sastrowardoyo-730.html" or "http://klimg.com/kapanlagi.com/selebriti/dian_sastrowardoyo/dian-sastrowardoyo-730.jpg" but then the image would not showing. the image would not be loaded if it is /dian_sastrowardoyo/, it sholuld be /Dian_Sastrowardoyo/.
Im sorry if i can't express my self clear enough, still learning this codes thing and english also..

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Ok, but I'm guessing Dian_Sastrowardoyo is just one possible value there, right? That sounds like a name, so I'm guessing there might be other names instead? If that's the case then you really can't use Redirector for this, because it has no way of changing the case of something that's captured from the original url. I.e. you can only build your destination url out of contant strings and parts from the original url exactly as at was written.

If I'm wrong and you specifically just want Dian_Sastrowardo then you could just hardcode the entire url as your include pattern (maybe with a * for the number) and write the url with the different case as your redirect pattern.

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thanks, works nice.
but i want to ask, what if i want to redirect: .../soft_blue/1.html to .../Soft_Blue/1.html
and it is case sensitive. what expression should i use. sorry, noobs here.

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Hi. Sorry, but you cannot redirect to the same url with different casing. The regexes are not case sensitive, so it would always match the destination url as well. You could hack around it maybe by doing:

Include pattern: ../soft_blue/1.html
Exclude pattern: ../Soft_Blue/1.html?fakeparameter
Redirect to: ../Soft_Blue/1.html?fakeparameter

If the website doesn't mind a fake querystring you can use that to distinguish between the two urls, and use the exclude pattern to make sure the second one doesn't get redirected again.