They *DO* listen to bug reports. Rated 4 out of 5 stars

/r/apple with Firefox on Windows hasn't displayed correctly in months (or possibly years).

When viewing a thread, the "comment" box is hidden. You have to manually disable the extension, reload the page, type your comment, submit it, then re-enable the extension to continue browsing. It seems to work fine on Mac OS X, but not Windows version of Firefox.

The issue (with screenshots):

The developers have acknowledged the issue and checked out the code. There is apparently a bug with the custom CSS done on /r/apple.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

CSS allows for a literally infinite number of ways to style a page, making it impossible / unreasonable to expect that the CSS in RES will mesh perfectly with a subreddit's individual style.

For this reason, it's really incumbent upon the subreddit moderator(s) to try and make their sub look right in RES, not RES.

I do apologize that we missed your bug report on the comment box a month ago - we're generally quite attentive to those but sometimes when the couple of us who are active both have to tend to our jobs (RES pays us nothing) we miss one or two.

Thing is, that particular issue seems unique to you. We test RES on every browser and we haven't been able to replicate that one. I do apologize for leaving your last response un-replied though.

Are you aware of how to use Firefox's inspector tools to see what might be hiding the element (e.g. a rogue CSS rule, etc), and/or check if there are any javascript errors when this occurs?