The Kitties are Back!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I love these Cats! They make Firefox a daily joy!
And yes!! They will work on 14.0.1. The instructions that MT7523 and Mr. News gave do work. But to clarify, for those using Windows: First uninstall the Red Cats from FF. Get hold of WinZip. Download the Red Cats (Blue Flavor) - it is available at different sites. Rename it by adding .zip (remove .jar if it is there -- then open WinZip. Drop the zip file in. A window will open displaying the components. Select “install.rdf”. Notepad will open. Look for the line that begins "<em:maxVersion>" Change the version number to 14.* (this will allow it to work w/ all versions of FF 14) -- (I suspect that when FF 15 comes out, we'll do the same thing again.) Close notepad. You will be asked by WinZip to accept changes to the zip file. Select. It will now save. Now rename the zip file back to being a .jar file. Install into FF by dropping it in appearnace window of add-ons. You've got it! And the Cats are back in play!! Oh! And be sure to archive your copy of the .jar file when it is time to upgrade to FF 15 and onwards. I do hope it will continue to work! I cannot imagine using FF without Red Cats - both Blue and Green Flavor!

And if "Fat Red Lazy Cat" ever looks back at these comments, I just want to say Thank you for bringing us such a wonderful and loving theme. You have brought joy to many users and I hope you will reestablish these delightful kitties for years to come!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.5.2).