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Version 1.3 11.0 KiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 56.*

I update it to support firefox 2.0.
To use it, please read the following carefully.
It is absolutely working, but just in a little wierd way.
I'm sorry for having not given detailed instructions.
Then, here it's.
First, you have to choose one RDF source from the top droplist. It has included some common RDF source. You can also type in your own one. When you finish, click the "List" button. It will list all the available entry in the second droplist.
The second, you have to choose the "Root entry" in the second droplist, then click the "View" button.
The third, a root entry will appear in the tree view. Double click it!!
This is very important. Because the plugin uses some sort "delay load", it will only load entry on demand. And because how firefox is designed, there's no way to inform it when you click the little cross infront of a entry to expand it. So, you have to double click the entry to make this happend.

A final word, if you have any question or suggestion, please email me to yufanyufan@gmail.com


Version 1.2 4.0 KiB Works with Firefox 1.5 - 1.5.0.*