CATASTROPHIC! Who writes these 5 star reviews? Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I was prepared to give it 4 or 5 stars but it corrupts custom toolbars and I tested it several times to confirm it and I am 100% certain that it is doing it. What happens is when sloppily coded icons don't respect toolbars they cause the entire localstore rdf file to corrupt itself(the file that stores your toolbar setup.)

I wanted it with my bookmarking icons- not to the far right of my status bar where it makes no sense. Although it was good that it can be dragged from the status to the toolbar this still is unacceptable. Other icons are able to be dragged and they don't cause this problem.

Also, another flaw that developers make time and time again is the minimum version # is too low. That should extend as low as 3 for FF 3.6 users and 15 for Palemoon users. Although it is possible to fool the dumb pages on here into allowing installation most users don't know how to change their user agent.

Lastly, it doesn't give a random bookmark from our lists. It gives a random website. That is a BIG difference.

Also, I am now editing the review to include the fact that it was cannibalizing existing tabs(not the random tabs) into new tabs. When uninstalled this problem stopped. What more could go wrong?

All in all it sure looks like the 5 star reviews are fake. 5 stars should be rare and for blockbusters. This one is a complete epic catastrophic disaster!