Tools Menu Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Still testing this add-on on Firefox 3.6.21. Minor issue, the "nondescript" entry under Tools Menu. If you want to change this entry to, for example, RAMBack Clears Caches, you can do so by decompressing the ramback.jar file and then by changing the ramback.dtd file as follows:

<!ENTITY ramback.label "RAMBack Clear Caches">
<!ENTITY rambackToolbar.label "RAMBack">
<!ENTITY rambackToolbar.tooltip "Clear internal caches!">

Then, re-compress (e.g., using IZArc and the fast setting) all the folders into a new ramback.jar file and place it where the original file (renamed ramback.jar.old) resides. This worked for me ..! Best, CBA