Best Hex Color Picker Rated 5 out of 5 stars

My favorite Picker. The color swatch moves with your cursor, updating on the fly. The settings lets you choose a number of display color options: from RBG with Alpha to Hex (Hex with # in front when you paste, or no #). Clicking the color automatically saves the value, making it really quick to cut 'n' paste while doing code. A tight and complete little interface.

Inspector: Best selling point. The coup de grâce against all the other color pickers.
Picker: cool tool, but the arrows need to be dragable. It's click only on the color swatch.
View Last Color: good. Would be better to show a list of the last 5 values (or be able to set the number)
Website Analyzer: Great idea. Works well too.
Library:Needs explaining on how to use. Not intuitive.