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quip 1.0.1-signed.1-signed Requires Restart

by subbuki

Please write a review to get this out of Sandbox into mainstream!! Will be much appreciated!!
The quip (quick-ip) addon eliminates typing in the first two octets of the ip address. Typically in intranet testing or development environments, you access websites using an IP address. For e.g.: There could be multiple devices in the range 172.16.x.y. In such cases it is common practice to communicate IPs orally using only x.y (as in connect to 97.63) and 172.16 is assumed within that intranet by default. This add-on allows you to just type the last two octets and it will pull of the network part of the IP address from you preferences. The add-on detects when the input in the URL bar is exactly last two digits of an IP adddress. For e.g: type 97.63 and the add-on will automatically translate it to
You can configure the http://172.16 part in preferences and change it to something else. You can also add a post fix to the address (for e.g: a port number) as well.

This add-on has been marked as experimental by its developers